We must also make clear that FIFA 20 will change a lot

mmobuyzc | 11 Jun, 2019 10:57

In the spectacular frame that is the E3, the biggest fair of video games that there is right now in the world, the first news about FIFA 20 have been presented. In the EA Play, which took place on the 8th of this month, we could see a few details of what this new game will be. Before continuing, two important points must be made clear. Although we could see small brushstrokes of what will be the new installment of the saga, the truly important information will be known in the month of July, so right now we simply have something to whet your appetite.

On the other hand, we must also make clear that FIFA 20 will change a lot from now until the final version is released. Something that usually happens is after testing the game and seeing it in operation, a series of conclusions is drawn that, generally, do not end up fitting with reality. In the end, the different changes make the basic mechanics of the game different. 

That said, from the presentation of the other day we have been able to get three key points where it seems that EA Sports has worked hard to try to give a new air and make players feel much more comfortable.

This is one of the points where FIFA can evolve the most. From the company they are aware that the lack launches are not completely polished. You only have to see the international competitions to realize that you hardly use this element to try to get a direct goal. For this reason, the system has been updated so that we have more options when it comes to aiming for direct free kicks and penalties. Thanks to new mechanics more dependent on the ability, shooting offers better sensations than ever.

Here we find a differential element within a game, the direct confrontations between the players. Being able to generate a superiority by leaving behind a rival with a dribble is something that can be key in the outcome of the game. For this reason, both in attack and in defense, the one against one have been somewhat modified.

The new flow of the game, based on the best leagues in the world, offers a much more realistic distribution of the plays and a rhythm, so there are more individual duels and a greater emphasis is placed on the decisive moments controlled by the user. Here, the new lateral dribbling mechanics adds a new dimension to the attack, since it allows you to move with an agility never seen, to put the rival where you are most interested and to overcome it by skill or speed.

On the other hand, the active touch system makes the defense controlled by the player more advantageous and rewarding due to the new input animations. The cleaner the entrance, the more likely you are to keep the ball. The improved movement system presents new effects and rebounds of the ball more realistic than ever. This contributes to offer an even more faithful experience to real football. The doors open to new shooting trajectories, such as shots with parabola or effect, that change direction or increase in height.


mmobuyzc | 11 Jun, 2019 03:09

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